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The Complaintsy™ web application manages all your incoming DMCA, trademark, and abuse notices. It also handles 3rd parties.

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Beautiful web forms

With Complaintsy™ web forms, you'll collect beautifully formatted complaints, everytime. Simply paste your web form link anywhere on your website.
All forms include your logo.


Multiple complaint categories

Take advantage of multiple inbuilt complaint categories.
Disable the ones you don't accept.

DMCA/ Copyright Infringement

Trademark Infringement

Fraud or scams

Harassment or hate-speech

Messaging or advert spam

Sale of drugs, or illicit items

Data privacy abuse (GDPR)

Nudity or pornography

Price fixing or pumping

Bugs or technical problems

Malware or phishing

Something else

Perfect for internet service providers

Complaintsy™ can be used by any web host, domain name registrar, social media platform, video website, or other kind of internet service provider! Best of all, it's 100% free!

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