What is Complaintsy?

Complaintsy is a smart, user-friendly application for automating complaint management and dealing with 3rd parties relevant to the complaint (usually complainants and respondents).

What complaint categories does the app handle?

  • DMCA/ Copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Frauds and scams
  • Harassment and hate-speech
  • Messaging and advert spam
  • Sale of drugs, weapons and other illicit items
  • Potential speed throttling (as a result of net neutrality repeal)
  • Data privacy abuse
  • Nudity or pornography
  • Age inappropriate content
  • Price fixing or pumping of cryptocurrencies

    All categories may be enabled or disabled as needed. Copyright and trademark infringement complaints each have a specific workflow and customized web form. For now, all other categories simply follow a generic workflow and use the same web form. In future, Complaintsy plans to add customizable complaint categories web forms.

  • Who can use Complaintsy?

    Web hosts, domain name registrars, search engines, online marketplaces, online directories, social platforms, media platforms, file-sharing and video-streaming sites, apps, and exchanges — Basically any Internet Service Provider (ISP) or online platform who receives some form of complaint, may use Complaintsy.

    Why should I sign up?

  • It's forever free
  • Anyone can learn how to use it within ten minutes
  • Your data will be private and secure
  • It's much better than using email
  • You can process all your incoming DMCA, trademark infringement, and or safety and abuse notices up to 90% faster
  • You can be more compliant and reputable

  • Does Complaintsy also cater to IP Owners?

    Currently, no.

    Are you planning to add new features?

    Yes, we are planning to add many new features! For a list of planned feature updates, please see our features page.

    Why is Complaintsy free and will it always stay that way?

    Complaintsy is free because we hope that making it free will aid with faster adoption. The current version and all its features will remain free indefinitely. However, ISPs and online platforms who require large amounts of data storage may need to pay for this storage. While we do not plan to turn a profit from Data storage we reserve the right not to subsidize heavy usage.

    Do you provide technical and customer support?

    Yes, we have technical and customer support staff.

    Will Complaintsy make us legally compliant?

    We do not make that claim. Complaintsy is not a law firm or legal advisor and we make absolutely no warranties that using Complaintsy is enough to comply with regulation in any jurisdiction. For IP-related complaints in relation to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and trademark infringement, Complaintsy uses standard notice templates developed by a U.S law firm. For non-IP related complaints, the obligations of ISPs and online platforms vary widely according to their respective industries and jurisdictions. Thankfully, simply keeping records of all your incoming complaints and processing them in good faith will usually be enough to keep you compliant in most jursiductions. Solely managing your complaints by email makes the task of record-keeping extremely challenging, if not impossible. Complaintsy automates your record-keeping.

    Is complaint management a problem worth solving?

    Yes! As an example, IP owners request that Google delist more than 150 million copyright-infringing web pages each month. However, Google is just a search engine. They are not the company hosting the infringing URL's and content. Google already has a system for complaint management and will probably never use Complaintsy, but there are many tens of thousands of other ISP's and online platforms who need our help (we've listed a couple thousand of them here[link]). We estimate that as many as three times the volume of IP-related complaints being sent to Google (over 450 million!) are directly sent to ISP's (such as web hosts, domain name registrars etc.) as well as online platforms (like social media and media sharing websites). In addition, we estimate that each month there are more than 600 million non-IP related complaints submitted to ISP's and online platforms in relation to offensive or illegal content, especially hate-speech, spam, and pornography. Despite having little monetary incentive or understanding of the relevant legal frameworks, to effectively manage such a high volume of incoming complaints and self-censorship requires ISP's and online platforms to build their own expensive Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Most ISP's and platforms currently resort to dealing with complaints and 3rd parties via email. They also hire bloated support teams.

    Who built Complaintsy and why?

    The developers of Complaintsy are an established Intellectual property protection company with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. They have been dealing with online complaint management inefficiencies firsthand for many years, and are now looking to solve the problem. They realized that the root of the inefficiency was not a lack of solutions for IP Owners, or even bad faith from ISP's and online platforms, it was simply a matter of ISP's and online platforms not having the right incentives and complaint management product. In the process of building Complaintsy, the developers also realized that apart from IP-related complaints, ISP's and online platforms also receive a staggering amount of complaints in relation to hate-speech, spam, pornography and other offensive or illegal material.