Beta v1.1 (current)

Sign up/ create a team account
Edit personal profile settings
Add team and profile avatars
Delete team account
Edit team account settings
>> add team members to a team account
>> choose team member roles (admin/ non-admin)
>> get email notifications when a new complaint is submitted
Submit complaint through web form (multiple categories)
Edit web form settings 
>> accepted complaint categories
>> links to privacy policy and terms of use
>> nominated support email address
View basic complaint info in a table
View full complaint info in a complaint modal
Sort complaints in the table (by columns header)
Filter complaints by complaint assignee (dropdown button)
Search complaints by keyword
Assign any complaint to myself or another team member
See whether a complaint submitter's email address has been verified
Delete complaints<
Change the status of any complaint
Add comments to any complaint
Add files to any complaint
Delete any comment or file
Save all found set complaint listings as an excel spreadsheet

Planned updates

Multiple languages
Direct webform embedding with basic styling options
Report button that can be put on any website and links to a complaintsy web form; Also grabs original URL(s) and places it in form
Zendesk integration
Wordpress integration
Ability to host complaint data on own server
Ability to sync and import complaint data from spreadsheet or database
API and toolkit enabling automatic takedowns